How to get set up on the gitlab for online documentation

The online spot where everything is connected is here:

To join, first create credentials here: Then go to and login with the button.


When connected to the gitlab, navigate to the Bio Academy group, which will get you to:

There you will see the different parts of the organization. There are main groups that you can become part of:

  • /2017 the main class pages.
  • /labs_2017 group with all the heads of labs
  • /students_2017 group with all the students
  • /faculty_2017 group with all the faculty

There are things to do to set this up -

if you are the head of a lab, go to the /labs_2017 repository, and open an issue to ask if you can join the group. You will also have to clone (see below) one of the template repositories so your students can document. There is a gitbook template, and an HTML template. Ask for help (open an issue!) if you need it.

If you are faculty go to the /faculty_2017 group and ask to join by opening an issue. You will also be added to /2017, the main class pages, so you can edit your class page.

If you are a student go to the /students_2017 group and ask to join by opening an issue.

All the templates and faculty pages are set up to automatically become a live webpage on our webserver. This means if you create a repository for your students to document without cloning one of the templates, this needs to be set up (open an issue if you want help with that).

There are two templates to choose from:

  • Gitbook template (easy, not very customizable)
  • HTML template (a little harder, very customizable)

The gitbook template is here:

The HTML template is here:

If you want to use one of them, go to that repository and copy the HTTPS link at the top:

Then, go to the main group ( and click 'new project'

Then, use as projects name "yourlabname_2017" - and click 'repo by URL' in which you paste the HTTPS link you just copied before.

Click 'create project' and gitlab will copy the template into a new repository containing all the files. It will be set up automatically to build into a live website, that you can find by going to (where you obviously need to replace the "yourlabname_2017' with the name you used).


Lastly - we will not use email to communicate anymore, but also do this in the gitlab.

If you want to contact everyone in the Bio Academy group (so labs, faculty, current students, alumni) open an issue on the top level. (careful with this).

If you want to talk to:

  • A specific lab - open an issue on that lab repo
  • All labs - open an issue on the /labs_2017 group
  • All students - open an issue on the /students_2017 group
  • All faculty - open an issue on the /faculty_2017 group


Questions? If you are signed up to the gitlab open an issue (i'll get notified) if you somehow cannot sign up, email us directly.

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