Student information

Becoming a Bio Academy student

Bio Academy offers education on the implications and applications of synthetic biology. Students with no experience in any of the fields thereof are encouraged to first gather some experience in a DIY bio lab, or via online courses, but there is no need for any official accreditation to sign up for the course.

You have to apply to the course by filling the online form and select a Node from the list of active and accepted Labs (nodes).
Central Coordination will receive a notification of the application and will re-send the email that contains your profile to the Node you selected.
Once the Node receives one or more applications, the Node’s Instructor will contact you to give you details about the lab and the implications of taking a course such as Bio Academy. In addition, they will assess your profile to understand if you are a suitable candidate for the course. Each Node/Fab Lab establishes their own selection criteria.

Once your pass the Selection Process, the Instructor or Node coordinator will inform Central Coordination, who will send accepted students a mail, wilt an Acceptance Letter. The letter will contain the details of the program and payment instructions. Application / Acceptance cycles should not be longer than one month. After you receive your Acceptance letter you have 2 weeks to confirm your seat by paying a Deposit. Find the details on payment on the fees page.

Class structure

Global lectures happen on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM EST, and last for approximately 3 hours. During the classes, professors from divers Universities and companies both present and explain the content of the class, and also review the work of the students. In addition to the classes, there are some Recitations that are help on Mondays 9:00 AM EST. These are content driven lectures related to the weekly assignments.

What do I get?

  • All the basic course materials.
  • 16 hours a week of hands-on Lab access and personal instruction
  • 1 free assessment and evaluation within the cycle the student enrolled, in any of the rounds available
  • 1 diploma + shipment
  • 1 certificate of completion
  • Personal space in Bio Academy Archive with lifetime access and maintenance
  • Live access to the Bio Academy Video Conferencing system and faculty
  • Access to all recorded lectures and reviews
  • Access to the Lab equipment and facilities for the purpose of the course (in schedule determined by labs)
  • Free access to the Annual FABx Conference and Diploma Award Ceremony in the year in which the student graduated
  • Free software licenses for selected Autodesk and Solidworks software packages during the course
  • Lifetime membership to the Bio Academy Alumni group
IMPORTANT: After this, extra copies, and access to instruction and evaluation will have extra costs.
  • Examination Fees: 250USD
  • Copy of diploma: 100 USD + shipment